Photos from New Construction Home Inspections, Part IV

- A. to find them once there’s 14-3/4 inches  8+ inches of insulation throughout the attic.  It’s still very easy to fix these air leaks today, but it’ll be a P. . I. T.  The gap between the two top plates (2x4s) shown below shows an example of a future attic air leak. When we perform pre-drywall inspections, we frequently find gaps in the attic “lid” that will be attic air leaks once everything is finished ..More

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A Home Inspector’s Review of the Flir One Infrared Camera for the iPhone

-  Piece of cake. .  I went to iPhone app store, downloaded and ran the required app, and the software guided me through the rest. Getting started was easy, even though I’ve never owned an iPhone ..More

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  • Crawl Space Inspection Georgetown, TX
Window Replacement Part 3: Marvin, Andersen, Pella

- . I’ll never get that design. They are well-made, but they are the only company I’ve ever seen that puts the patio screen on the inside, not the outside. Imagine a summer night where you have 200 mosquitoes on your screen, thirsting for your blood like a pack of zombies. I also have to bring up Pella’s patio door lines. They say this protects the abuse of an exterior track and they put a nice wood finish on the screen, but it is impractical for its main use- keeping bugs out. When its time for bed, you have to open the screen to close the outside panel of the patio door, then quick close the screen again so they don’t all get in. Now they are all trapped between the two panels ..More

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  • Hvac Inspection Mansfield, OH
Zinc Strips on Mossy Roof, Four Years Later

- .  I conducted a fairly long-term experiment by installing zinc strips on a moss-covered garage roof, and showed before and after photos after the zinc had sixteen months to work its magic. In November of 2011 I wrote a blog post about using zinc strips to prevent moss from growing on the roof, or possibly to kill moss ..More

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  • Septic Inspection Redmond, WA
Sprinkler Systems to be Required in All New MN Homes, Existing Homes by 2016

-  For a 2,500 sf home that is fully finished, this would add approximately $3,375 to the cost of the home. According to Fire Sprinkler Initiative, the cost of a sprinkler system will add approximately $1.  It’s a tough pill to swallow, and home builders have been vehemently opposed to this requirement, but it’s finally going to happen in Minnesota. 35 per sprinklered square foot. ..More

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