Maintenance Inspections for Homeowners

-  About a month ago I had a full week where all I did was homeowner maintenance inspections. . Homeowner maintenance inspections are becoming more and more popular in Minnesota.  Not a single real-estate transaction all week ..More

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How to Inspect Your Own House, Part 3: Siding

-  Paint is meant to protect wood surfaces from decay and rot, but it’s not common to find rotted wood siding because of lack of paint. . 500 (d) of the Minneapolis Housing Maintenance Code says “No exterior wall of any dwelling or building accessory thereto shall have paint which is blistered, cracked, flaked, scaled, or chalked away. Peeling paint is an obvious defect that can be spotted from a block away.   The main issues with peeling paint at siding are that it looks horrible, it’s an environmental hazard if the paint contains lead, and it may violate a maintenance code for the city. Lstiburek has to say about it. ”  I don’t have any inside tips to share on peeling paint; if you need more info on that topic, check out what Dr.  For example, section 244 ..More

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Radon Testing Clowns

- I don’t have any official numbers, but I can say that the number of tests that my company conducted in 2014 was about twice as many as we conducted in 2013. . As intended by this act, the amount of radon tests conducted in Minnesota as part of real estate transactions increased dramatically. I’ve heard other home inspectors express similar sentiments, and I’ve had several home inspectors in Minnesota ask me about what it takes to start doing radon testing. There’s a larger demand for radon testing today ..More

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Minnesota Stucco Repairs: Case Study #1, Minimal Repairs

- This report will contain photos of the home along with moisture readings, which helps to determine the scope of the work and offers professional guidance to the buyer and sellers of a property. . The first thing SunsetCG wants to see is the moisture testing report, which is what we provide. From there, a bid is put together on stucco repairs and various repair strategies are explored ..More

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A Home Inspector’s Review of the Flir One Infrared Camera for the iPhone

- The Flir One also seems to do a fine job of identifying hot spots at electric panels, although this test revealed that the infrared image isn’t perfectly blended with the optical image on the Flir One. .  That’s annoying.  If you look carefully at the image below, you’ll see that the cold tips of the circuit breakers don’t match up quite right with the image ..More

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