Upcoming Changes to the Minnesota State Building Code

- . 2 Minimum stairway headroom, existing buildings. 2.  Alterations to existing basement stairways shall have a minimum headroom in all parts of the stairway no less than 6 feet 4 inches (1931 mm) measured vertically from the sloped line adjoining the tread nosing or from the floor surface of the landing or platform on that portion of the stairway. R305 ..More

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A Home Inspector’s Review of the Flir One Infrared Camera for the iPhone

-  My Flir E6 has an infrared resolution of 160×120, which is about four times the resolution of the Flir One (19,200 pixels vs  4,700).  I have the same technology on my E6 camera, and I absolutely love it.  To show the power of MSX technology, take at look at the two images below.  Flir calls this Multi-Spectral Dynamic imaging, or “MSX” technology.  It seems to highlight the edges of objects, which gives you a much better understanding of what you’re looking at with the camera.  Infrared images are combined with optical images, which gives a much clearer image on the screen than you’d get with just an infrared image. . The infrared camera has a resolution of 80×60 ..More

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Online Building Permit History and more for Twin Cities Homes

-  The standard Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement asks the seller if appropriate permits were pulled for any work performed at the property, but I think this is a fairly worthless question, and I often find the check boxes on this form just left blank. . I think it’s wise to check the permit history when buying a home ..More

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Zinc Strips on Mossy Roof, Four Years Later

-  I used a leaf blower to clean the roof off before taking that photo. . The next photo, from November of 2011, showed far less moss ..More

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Bath Fan Terminal Inspections

-  They’re not that expensive, and it’s a lot less work than trying to insulate an existing duct.  That’s a time consuming chore that probably won’t work work out well.  Don’t use metal ductwork; you’ll end up with way too much condensation.  Click here for an example of a pre-insulated 4? duct sold at Home Depot.  If you have an uninsulated duct in your attic, don’t try to wrap a bunch of fiberglass insulation around it in a feeble attempt to insulate.  Instead, just replace the uninsulated duct with an insulated one.  This is a no-brainer. . Use an insulated duct inside the attic ..More

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