How to Inspect Your Own House, Part 3: Siding

- . I’m lumping these two types of siding together because they’re nearly indistinguishable to the untrained eye, nearly 100% of ‘new construction’ home buyers that I work with don’t know which type of siding their new home has, and the installations instructions for these two types of siding are very similar ..More

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How to Inspect Your Own House, Part 1: Roof and Chimney

-  I’ve already blogged about how potential home buyers can conduct their own cursory home inspections (Exterior Home Inspection Checklist and Interior Home Inspection Checklist), but a homeowner maintenance inspection is a little bit different; this inspection can be much more involved, as there are no time constraints. . I recently blogged about how popular homeowner maintenance inspections have become, and said I’d follow up with a blog post on how homeowners can conduct their own maintenance inspections ..More

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Q&A: Heat Exchanger Cracks and Carbon Monoxide Myths

- The author has been in the industry for years as a trainer for HVAC technicians. I wish the attorney general of MN would not allow this kind of thing happen. I think they use cracks to strong-arm sales so they can provide a replacement quote on the spot. I personally think that the HVAC businesses have a great scam going by locking-out people’s furnaces without any measurable evidence that the CO levels are above normal. . Please read this article about why heat exchanger cracks do not allow carbon monoxide into the house. After all isn’t this why we buy CO detectors? ..More

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How to Inspect Your Own House, Part 6: Plumbing

-  At the 12 second mark, you’ll see a basement bathroom sink overflowing (I had fun cleaning that up), a standpipe overflowing (Milind had fun cleaning that up), two more clips that aren’t related, then a water dispenser overflowing at a kitchen sink. . I have a few short clips of these things happening in my “47 Home Inspection Issues in Under 3 Minutes” video; click the video clip below to see ..More

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Moisture Testing Homes with Vinyl Siding

- This is the type of damage that home buyers try to avoid when buying any home, and this is why some home buyers choose to have moisture testing performed on homes with vinyl siding.  This is a non-invasive inspection that requires no special permission from the homeowner.  Vinyl does a great job of hiding this kind of damage.  The siding is then popped back into place, leaving the siding in it’s original condition.  While moisture testing on stucco homes is considered an invasive inspection and requires special permission from the homeowner, moisture testing of vinyl sided homes is done by using a non-invasive surface scanner to quickly scan large areas of the siding for moisture intrusion, and then followed up with pin-probe testing behind the siding to verify the results of the surface scanner. ..More

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