Online Building Permit History and more for Twin Cities Homes

- . Hennepin County’s property information site is the only one I use with any regularity, but other counties give similar information on their sites ..More

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Radon Testing Clowns

- While this device might be well and good for homeowners to use in their own home, just the fact that it doesn’t produce any type of report should be enough to tell you that no professional should be using this device and charging a fee for it. .  You won’t find the radon siren on that list.  If that’s not enough, take a look at the list of approved devices for radon testing professionals ..More

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How to Inspect Your Own House, Part 3: Siding

-  When we conduct moisture testing on wood siding, we start by scanning the siding with a non-invasive moisture meter. Look for areas with missing or dried out caulking that need attention. .  There are two ways to check for rotted wall sheathing; remove the siding and check it out, or have moisture testing performed on the home by a company that specializes in this.  Areas with elevated moisture levels are tested the same way that stucco siding is tested; two small 3/16″ holes are drilled, and a moisture probe is pushed into the wall to determine the moisture content and condition of the wall sheathing.  If rotted siding is found in several areas, there’s a good chance that there’s rotted wall sheathing behind the siding ..More

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Don’t Vent Your Clothes Dryer Through the Roof

- As soon as I’m in charge, there will be no more venting of clothes dryers through the roof. .  Clothes dryers should be vented through the side of the house, preferably within reach from the ground.  I think the roof is a stupid spot to terminate clothes dryer vents because it’s difficult to clean and it’s a major contributor to ice dams ..More

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Whole House Fans

- To help prevent this from happening, it’s important to open most or all of the windows in the house, as well as the interior doors between hallways and rooms. .  Not only will this help prevent the water heater from backdrafting, but it also gives the fan all of the air it needs, providing better fresh air circulation throughout the house ..More

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