How to Inspect Your Own House, Part 1: Roof and Chimney

-  If the crown is cracked or washed out, water can get into the chimney and cause deterioration to the chimney, as well as water leaking into the house. .  The photo below shows a chimney crown in need of repair or replacement. Chimneys can only be fully inspected by getting up on the roof or by using a ladder that’s as tall as the chimney, if the chimney is located along an outside wall.  Perhaps the most important part of the chimney to inspect is the crown, which is the top of the chimney that sheds water and prevent water intrusion ..More

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A Home Inspector’s Review of the Flir One Infrared Camera for the iPhone

-  It does a fine job of that. .  The images below again show a side-by-side comparison between an E6 and the Flir One. To me, the biggest question is whether this camera could be used to do the same stuff that other infrared cameras can do.  Sometimes I use my infrared camera as a time-saving device; I’ll quickly scan all of the radiators or supply registers in a house to make sure they’re all working properly ..More

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Maintenance Inspections for Homeowners

- . Is it normal for the lights to dim like this when the AC turns on?  Is my deck still safe?  Can I leave that buried fuel oil tank in the yard when I sell?  My roofer said the roof should be replaced; does it really need replacement this year, or can it wait?  Should I invest in new windows or more insulation in the attic? ..More

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How To Inspect Your Own House, Part 7: Protect Your Water by Preventing Cross-Connections

- 1250) actually says that dishwasher drains are supposed to have an air gap, which is this ugly thing that sits on top of the counter, as shown in the diagram below (courtesy of CodeCheck). . If the dishwasher drain hose is improperly installed, there’s a potential cross connection at the dishwasher.  The Minnesota State Plumbing Code (section 4715 ..More

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Photos from New Construction Home Inspections, Part IV

- . Frost free faucets are great, but they can still freeze when they’re not installed properly.  The faucets need to be pitched slightly down, so water can drain out of the stem when the faucet is shut off.  The faucet below was pitched up instead.  I’ve seen this same defect a few times this year on new construction homes ..More

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