Water Heater Backdrafting: What if you can’t reproduce the problem?

- This only occurred for a few minutes, but the hot gases spilling back into my home were enough to slightly deform one of the pieces of plastic at the draft hood, which now serves as a nice reminder that any natural draft water heater can backdraft.  For the record, BPI standards for draft allow appliances to backdraft for up to 60 seconds upon startup. ..More

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Don’t Vent Your Clothes Dryer Through the Roof

- As soon as I’m in charge, there will be no more venting of clothes dryers through the roof.  I think the roof is a stupid spot to terminate clothes dryer vents because it’s difficult to clean and it’s a major contributor to ice dams.  Clothes dryers should be vented through the side of the house, preferably within reach from the ground. ..More

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Upcoming Changes to the Minnesota State Building Code

- 1 when simultaneously re-siding and re-roofing existing buildings and structures. 2. 1 Existing buildings and structures. R903. 2. . 1.  Kick-out flashings shall be required in accordance with Section R903 ..More

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How To Inspect Your Own House, Part 7: Protect Your Water by Preventing Cross-Connections

-  As you can see, the dishwasher drain hose isn’t even looped as high as the bottom of the sink… and this was from a brand new home in Plymouth that we inspected yesterday. Tsk tsk. .  For more discussion on this topic, check out my old blog post on dishwasher drains ..More

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Four Important Smoke Alarm Safety Tips

-  Because CO alarms are only good for five or seven years, I don’t recommend buying smoke alarm / CO alarm combo units. If you can’t find a date on the back, assume it’s over ten years old and replace it. .  Buy individual alarms ..More

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