Seek Thermal Infrared Camera: A $199 IR Camera for Androids and iPhones

- .  Because it connects to the phone through the USB port, drop it once and it’ll surely be toast. It’s tiny ..More

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Attention Minnesota Home Inspectors: ASHI Heartland Chapter is Back

- Post edit 11/17/16: Our chapter membership has grown steadily over the past two years. If you’re a home inspectors looking for a great chapter to join, look no further. We’re at well over 50 members today, and many of our meetings fill the room to capacity. ..More

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Top “Feel-Good” Home Inspection Pics from 2014

-  This year, however, I’ve started sharing some of our favorite photos of cool or unusual finds during home inspections. At the end of each year, I post our Top 20 Home Inspection Photos.   That post will be coming next week.  These photos are usually of some of the most egregious, hilariously wrong conditions that we’ve found during home inspections, and they all come from photos that we’ve shared throughout the year on our Facebook page.  We don’t find nearly as much good or interesting stuff as we do bad stuff, but we like to share it when we come across it. ..More

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Q&A – Siding Stains: Why Do Houses Cry?

-  The stains on the siding are the result of moisture; that much is for certain. .  When water runs through the wood and wall sheathing, it picks up tannins in the wood and leaves dark stains on the siding.  The illustration below from The Ice Dam Company shows the path of the water.  If the home experiences ice dams and the stains start at the soffits and run down the siding, they’re probably the result of water leaking through the roof as a result of the ice dams. While we’re happy to conduct single-item inspections to troubleshoot problems exactly like this, this particular situation is so common that it probably doesn’t need an inspection ..More

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Don’t Vent Your Clothes Dryer Through the Roof

-  After the snow melts below the vent, it’ll probably freeze again farther down on the roof. .  If this happens enough, an ice dam will form that’s large enough to cause roof leaks.  I blogged about this earlier this year: Advanced Ice Dam Prevention.  These areas of the roof are especially susceptible to roof leaks because there is no ice and water shield installed in these locations. When bath fans and clothes dryers vent through the roof, they melt a bunch of snow ..More

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