A Home Inspector’s Review of the Flir One Infrared Camera for the iPhone

-  That’s about it for options. .  There’s also an option to turn on a spot meter, which displays the temperature of whatever is shown in the middle of the screen.   Emmissivity settings can be changed, the save location of images can be changed, the temperature units can be set to Celsius or Fahrenheit. The Flir One app has very few options.  There are the standard color palates like “iron” and “rainbow”, as well as a bunch of fairly useless ones like “hottest”, “coldest”, and “arctic” ..More

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Attention Minnesota Home Inspectors: ASHI Heartland Chapter is Back

-  After Steve’s class, we’ll be having a discussion about the future of the chapter. All home inspectors are invited to attend this meeting, ASHI or not. ..More

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Q&A: Heat Exchanger Cracks and Carbon Monoxide Myths

-  Are we talking about a carbon monoxide detector, or a carbon monoxide alarm?  They’re not the same thing. But let’s back up a step. .  UL listed carbon monoxide alarms will not alert you to low levels of carbon monoxide in your home because they’re designed not to.  They’re life safety devices, designed to prevent people from dying from carbon monoxide poisoning ..More

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How to Inspect Your Own House, Part 6: Plumbing

- Flush the toilet several times times and check behind, around, and under the toilet (if possible) for any leaks. ..More

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Siding Replacement Wars: James Hardie vs. LP SmartSide in a Battle for Contractors, Builders, and You

- With My 3 Quotes, I can collect quotes for customers using any siding on the market. I used to work at a large contractor that sold installed services for both products. Some are more comfortable because they have heard of Hardie and they like the name brand recognition. Others may have been referred by a friend or neighbor and want whatever they have. LP SmartSide. When asked for my opinion on LP vs. Some like the look of one woodgrain over the other and that makes their decision. . Hardie, I simply tell customers that I believe LP has more advantages and you’ll pay less. All of the 10 sales reps that worked there recommended LP over Hardie to customers, despite the fact that the Hardie job would be a higher ticket sale. That’s not to say that I don’t think they are both great products; I’ve had many happy customers with each one. Again, this is what happens when contractors believe strongly in a product and have good experiences with the reps from that company ..More

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