Moisture Testing Homes with Vinyl Siding

-  Just recently, some friends of mine expressed concern about some dirt that started showing up below the corner of their living room window, so they asked me to take a look. . While the majority of our moisture testing is done on stucco homes, moisture testing isn’t just for homes with stucco siding.  The photo below shows the “dirt” they were talking about; click on the image to see a larger version.  Moisture intrusion can happen with any type of siding, and it’s always an expensive repair when left unchecked ..More

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Troubleshooting a Leaking Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve

-  This prevents water heaters from exploding or turning into missiles. . All water heaters are equipped with a temperature and pressure relief valve.  This valve will allow water or steam to escape from the water heater if the temperature or pressure gets too high; these valves are set to open when the pressure reaches 150 psi, or when the temperature reaches 210 degrees fahrenheit ..More

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How to Inspect Your Own House, Part 3: Siding

-  This is a cosmetic issue; the vinyl will still do its job even though it looks terrible. . Vinyl siding can also melt / deform when someone has a grill too close to the siding, or from reflected sunlight on low-e windows.  The photo below shows an example of deformed siding caused by reflected sunlight ..More

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Sprinkler Systems to be Required in All New MN Homes, Existing Homes by 2016

- Next week I’ll be discussing other portions of the 2012 IRC, which includes a provision for added fall protection ‘safety zones’ for dropoffs greater than 30″ at decks, which includes options for rubber mulch or ball bits. ..More

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Q&A – Siding Stains: Why Do Houses Cry?

- Turning off or disabling an HRV (air exchanger) would be an extremely obvious example, but that’s a little too “on the nose”.  A far more likely but less obvious cause for decreased ventilation in a home would be replacing an older 80% efficient furnace with a new high efficiency, sealed combustion furnace. .  If that happened, you already know what you did.  That will make for a major unintended change in ventilation; check out my blog post from over five years ago on that topic: New High Efficiency Furnace, New Moisture Problem ..More

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